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The dilapidation surveying team at Level Best Concrete Flooring has vast experience to propose the best methodology for the refurbishment and repair of your existing internal and external concrete floor slabs. Level Best Concrete Flooring undertake the design and construction of new concrete floors daily and this skillset enhances our ability to discuss solutions for dilapidation, repair, replacement or overlaying of your existing concrete floors. This enhanced knowledge allows us to provide you with the best long-term solution to meet your needs. We have the knowledge and understanding within the flooring industry to propose options for almost any scenario faced, relating to concrete floor dilapidation and repair works.

Floor Renovation System

It is becoming increasingly popular to polish new and old industrial concrete and dry-shake floors. Previously it had been the norm for clients to specify traditional, outdated epoxy resin coatings or floor paints to solve their concrete floor refurbishment needs,

Warehouse Floor Overlay Solutions

Level Best Concrete Flooring carry out various different options in order to remedy problems caused by damaged and unsuitable existing concrete floor slabs.

Repairs, Removal & Replacement Services

Level Best Concrete Flooring Limited carry out the removal and replacement of damaged concrete floor slabs. The full process of the concrete floor removal is managed internally utilising our own operatives and construction equipment.

Specialist Dilapidation Surveys

Level Best’s specialist dilapidation services commence with end of tenancy dilapidation surveys and reports.

Testing, Assessment & Appraising

Level Best arrange a series of intrusive and non-intrusive insitu testing, assessments and appraising to ascertain the performance of the existing slab.

Anti Slip Flooring Solutions

At Level Best Concrete Flooring we offer various different types of anti slip systems to suit the condition of your existing concrete floor slab and provide you with a safe working environment.

Agricultural to Industrial Storage Repurposing

Here at Level Best Dilapidations, we have a solution specifically designed to help farmers convert their agricultural buildings to rentable commercial warehouses.

Non-Intrusive Floor Testing to Ascertain Warehouse Floor Capacity

Level Best carry out non intrusive testing to existing concrete floors in order to ascertain the loading capacity and suitability for an overlay floor, if required. The design and construct overlay contractors can design and warrant a floor on top of an existing warehouse floor if the levels and surface finish are not serviceable to the building user. The floor surveyors use many different techniques dependant upon what information is available, this can involve floor x ray scanning, core testing, flatness surveys, plate testing and cube crushing. Once this information is carried out the floor designers then set to work in designing the new concrete floor surface with either steel fibre or steel mesh slab designs. If you would like us to review the possibilities for your overlay floor or full removal and replacement flooring systems then please contact us on 01405 819199 or e mail

Level Best Services we offer:


Re-design of floor slabs, assessment of existing slab capacity, remodelling for change of use


Dilapidation surveys, surface tolerance surveys, abrasion testing, Sample cores, maintenance programme


Joint Re-Seal, Joint repair & replacement, Crack Repairs, Patch repairs, surface repairs, bolt removal, Full depth slab repair

Dilapidation Surveys

Line marking removal, resin or screed removal, screed application, Floor grinding, Polishing and densification, Floor cleaning


When carrying out dilapidation surveys for building owners and occupiers, clients receive from Level Best Concrete Flooring, a fully detailed report on the concrete floor which encapsulates every detail and interface along with proposals for remediation. Performance and future proofing are vital when considering the requirements of potential occupiers. When providing solutions and proposals Level Best will always consider purpose, performance, longevity and budgets. We also provide online CPD accredited presentations as well as cost plans and programme of works schedules. We liaise with many building surveying companies and main contractors to ensure harmony throughout the full process. We have a worldwide network supply chain for materials and equipment and have a large stock of materials and concrete plant and equipment at our HQ. Our experienced operatives and extensive vehicle fleet provide the flexibility to work throughout the United Kingdom.


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