Warehouse Floor Overlay Solutions


Level Best Concrete Flooring carry out various different options in order to remedy problems caused by damaged and unsuitable existing concrete floor slabs.

Level Best Concrete Flooring the Yorkshire based concrete flooring contractors whom carry out industrial concrete flooring contracts throughout the UK can overlay your existing floor with either concrete or a thin screed layer to provide you with a suitable finish to continue successfully operating your business.

If your existing internal floor slab exhibits large discrepancies in levels and or has a poor surface finish, then Level Best can revitalise your concrete floor using the FRS floor polishing system or overlay a new concrete floor screed. These concrete flooring overlay options can be carried out in either small or extremely large areas, dependent upon the size of the warehouse buildings. Concrete floor overlay solutions are a recognised practiced throughout the industrial concrete flooring market. The Concrete Society recognises the construction method under Section 11.1.4 in the TR34 4th Edition.

Embodied carbons are also hugely reduced when opting for concrete floor overlay solutions. This environmentally-friendly solution reduces embodied carbons as the existing slab can be used to enhance the design performance on the new overlay slab, requiring less slab depth and therefore concrete and cement volume. In addition, leaving the existing slab insitu avoids the embodied carbon arising from the transportation, removal and disposal of the existing slab.

For further information on our floor slab overlay systems please do not hesitate to contact us via e mail enquiries@levelbestconcreteflooring.co.uk


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