• Concrete Dilapidation Services by Level Best Concrete Flooring

    A cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain solution for your existing concrete floor.

Concrete Dilapidation Services by Level Best Concrete Flooring

A cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain solution for you existing concrete floor.

Welcome to Level Best

Level Best Concrete Flooring are a Yorkshire-based industrial concrete floor repair and renovation contractor operating throughout the UK and Channel Islands. The contractors specialise in the design and construction of high-specification coloured and polished concrete slabs and innovative renovation systems, including floor repairs, floor refurbishment and polishing. Level Best employ 8 office-based support staff, 5 site supervisors and 40 site-based operatives working throughout the United Kingdom. We operate a large fleet of concrete polishing machines and numerous other different types of equipment – all purpose-built for the construction and renovation of concrete floor slabs. Our concrete floor surveying team are always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and put forward various different options and solutions on how to improve the performance and aesthetics of your warehouse concrete floor. We provide on site samples to show you how great we can make your concrete floors look and assist clients on the re letting of their warehouse concrete floors.

Our Services

The dilapidation surveying team at Level Best Concrete Flooring has vast experience to propose the best methodology for the refurbishment and repair of your existing internal and external concrete floor slabs. Level Best Concrete Flooring undertake the design and construction of new concrete floors daily and this skillset enhances our ability to discuss solutions for dilapidation, repair, replacement or overlaying of your existing concrete floors. This enhanced knowledge allows us to provide you with the best long-term solution to meet your needs. We have the knowledge and understanding within the flooring industry to propose options for almost any scenario faced, relating to concrete floor dilapidation and repair works.

Floor Renovation System (F.R.S)

The Floor Renovation System (FRS) involves the removal of the top layer of the concrete surface through a microscopic grinding and polishing system.

Warehouse Floor Overlay Solutions

Level Best Concrete Flooring carry out various different options in order to remedy problems caused by damaged and unsuitable existing concrete floor slabs.

Repairs, Removal & Replacement Services

Level Best Concrete Flooring Limited carry out the removal and replacement of damaged concrete floor slabs. The full process of the concrete floor removal is managed internally utilising our own operatives and construction equipment.

Specialist Dilapidation Surveys

Level Best’s specialist dilapidation services commence with end of tenancy dilapidation surveys and reports.

Testing, Assessment & Appraising

Level Best arrange a series of intrusive and non-intrusive insitu testing, assessments and appraising to ascertain the performance of the existing slab.

Anti Slip Flooring Solutions

At Level Best Concrete Flooring we offer various different types of anti slip systems to suit the condition of your existing concrete floor slab and provide you with a safe working environment.

Level Best Services we offer:


Re-design of floor slabs, assessment of existing slab capacity, remodelling for change of use


Dilapidation surveys, surface tolerance surveys, abrasion testing, Sample cores, maintenance programme


Joint Re-Seal, Joint repair & replacement, Crack Repairs, Patch repairs, surface repairs, bolt removal, Full depth slab repair

Dilapidation Surveys

Line marking removal, resin or screed removal, screed application, Floor grinding, Polishing and densification, Floor cleaning

What is our Floor Renovation System

Level Best take over the footprint of the warehouse and provide customers with long term refurbishment systems that come with lifespan guarantees to enable the smooth transition during the dilapidation process, usually between the landlords and previous tenants. The concrete refurbishment systems include the removal of racking bolts, various different types of floor repairs, impact damage, column base repairs, joint and crack repairs. The concrete floor is then refurbished to extremely high standards and left with a polished finish leaving dust free and perfectly sealed concrete surface. The floors are easy to clean and stain resistant with a product which provides a ten year guarantee and is very easy to maintain. The floor polish is neutral in colour but does not wear off lose its shine, unlike the floor coatings such as floor paints or resin coatings.


Benefits and to whom

The Floor Refurbishment Sytems are extremely quick to install in comparison to more traditional and old fashioned methods. The products used vastly increase the abrasion resistance and light reflection of the floors once complete. Once the floors become dirty again they are far easier to clean and maintain due to the dust free sealers and densifiers used within the floor refurbishment processes. These benefits assist both landlord of the buildings and the tenants as costs are reduced during the dilapidation process

Why choose Level Best

Level Best Concrete Flooring are at the forefront of concrete flooring technology both in terms of refurbishing concrete floors and the innovation and new systems available in the modern industrial world. The company has a strong team of four floor survey members who are all capable of providing the best, cost effective long term solutions for clients and between them have a combined experience of 66 years experience in the business.

Meet the Team

Jon Wilcox has been involved in repairing and marinating industrial concrete floors for a considerable amount of years and is constantly monitoring the market place for new ideas. These ideas are often put into practice at the concrete flooring contractors head office premises and thoroughly tested prior to offering these services to clients.

Simon has vast experience in industrial concrete flooring and customers benefit from this experience by learning of the various ways in which concrete floors can be remediated.

Matt has developed the Floor Refurbishment System presentation at Level Best and often provides clients with online presentations and organises subsequent site surveys. Matt has already obtained a vast amount of knowledge on surveying warehouse floor slabs and promotes this knowledge to clients extremely diligently

Adam is primarily office based and provides clients with accurate and competitive quotations, including contract programmes and durations to enable clients enough time to build into their overall dilapidation programme.

What our customers say

“I managed a warehouse which was in a very poor condition. The main issue we had with the floor was the constant collection of dust on the floor surface, disrupting the day-to-day storage and despatch of goods. The warehouse floor was also extremely difficult to clean and heavily stained. The numerous layers of floor paint we had applied over the years were building up and line marking was becoming difficult to distinguish and becoming no use.

Going forward we wanted a warehouse floor which was dustproof, easy to clean and easy to manage. On top of a floor which would perform better in service, we wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing for when the client visits the warehouse. We felt the best way to increase the aesthetics of our warehouse floor was to make it a light-reflective and brighter surface.

That’s where Level Best Concrete Flooring’s Floor Renovation System came in. They approached me with this very quick system and process which transferred our old warehouse floor. The polishing system ticked all the boxes we wanted ticking – leaving the floor dust-proof, easy to clean, easy to line mark, more aesthetically pleasing and light-reflective. The finished product looked amazing and improved the overall functionality of the warehouse.”


Douglas McTaggart, Warehouse Manager


Contact Us

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