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Concrete Flooring refurbishment research and development at Level Best

Level Best Concrete Flooring, the industrial warehouse concrete flooring polishing contractors have been conducting their own research and development on the various types of environmentally friendly products available. It is vitally important that Level Best select the best products when … Read More

Warehouse floor refurbishment contract secured in Surrey

Level Best dilapidations have secured their latest floor refurbishment, renovation and repair project for a repeat client. Level Best will be mobilising to Surrey, South East England to complete a series of specialist industrial concrete floor improvement, enhancement and repair … Read More

Drilling and Dowelling System for Concrete Floors

At Level Best Concrete Flooring, we are always looking for reliable and most effective ways to carry out our Concrete Flooring repair work’s. Both picture and video show our specifically adapted drilling and dowelling machine, this is both safe and … Read More

Concrete floor joint repairs in live warehouse facilities

Alongside the large scale industrial and commercial dilapidation and refurbishment schemes, Level Best have a specialist joint repair team completing Level Best’s Heavy-Duty Joint Repair in live warehouse facilities direct for commercial building owners, industrial landlords and logistics tenants. Level … Read More

Warehouse dilapidation surveys in St Helens

Level Best Concrete Flooring the concrete floor surveying and refurbishment contractors has been busy with their experienced concrete floor surveyors looking at this 25 year old warehouse and yard at an industrial estate in  St Helens. The warehouse consisted of … Read More

Warehouse floor structural assessments and inspections 

Level Best Concrete Flooring are regularly completing existing warehouse floor inspections, surveys, and assessments in Yorkshire amongst other Home Counties in the UK and Ireland.   This warehouse inspection was completed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire on behalf of a landlord who … Read More

Jon Wilcox from Level Best Concrete Flooring is appointed to the ACIFC Executive Committee

Level Best Concrete Flooring are pleased to announce that their Managing Director, Mr Jon Wilcox has become a board member of the Association of Industrial Concrete Flooring Contractors. With special intertest in the environmental and sustainability issues relating to concrete … Read More

Warehouse floor refurbishments works in Pineham, Northampton near the finish line

As you can see from these photographs Level Best are on the final hurdle of this large warehouse refurbishment contract located on Pineham Industrial Estate, Northamptonshire. With only one week to go before client handover the floor surface treatment is … Read More

Warehouse floor refurbishment contract in Hemel Hempstead commences

This large warehouse floor repair and refurbish contract in Hemel Hempstead has now commenced and the Level Best Concrete Floor renovation teams are in full swing repairing the floor cracks, fixing the joints, removing the racking bolts, and polishing and … Read More

Continual Professional Development undertaken at Level Best

Level Best’s Floor Renovation Department has completed further professional learning as part of The Concrete Society’s wider training programme. This learning opportunity was centred around the perception, aesthetics and visual of concrete surface finishes. The learning ensures that Level Best … Read More