Works commence on major dilapidation and refurbishment project in Daventry, Northamptonshire

Industrial concrete floor repair, refurbishment and dilapidation experts from Goole, EastYorkshire have commenced on their next major industrial warehousing project in Crick, located near Daventry and Rugby, in Northamptonshire. 

Following the end of the previous tenancy, the landlord and industrial property agent have instructed the principle contractor and Level Best to commence onsite as of Monday 14th March 2022. With a variety of dilapidation and refurbishment works to take place over a 5-month period in Northamptonshire prior to the new tenancy commencing. 

The end of tenancy dilapidation survey, which was conducted alongside the industrial property agent and building surveyor on behalf of the landlord and client, itemised multiple con state floor repair items forming the schedule of works.

One of the main concrete floor repair items in Crick, Northamptonshire is the full depth core drilling removal of previous tenant installed racking and fixing bolts. Approximately 20,000 bolts will be drilled out and infilled with an industrial-grade resin product. This element of works will take Level Best approximately 12 weeks to complete. 

Please keep visiting our Level Best Dilapidations website for updates on this major industrial warehousing repair, refurbishment and dilapidation project in Crick, located near Daventry and Rugby, in Northamptonshire.

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