Warehouse floor refurbishment project in Bedford re visited

A year after carrying out the renovation and refurbishment of this existing warehouse concrete floor in Bedford, Level Best can confirm it is performing extremely well and looks great. The warehouse received a “matt” finish to the concrete surface and was sealed and densifier using the concrete polishing products.

The occupier of the building uses lots of portable racking systems with small dense solid wheels which traffic the floor constantly throughout the warehouse. The floor joints were also fully sealed and repaired where necessary and Thes eare also as good as they were when originally installed.

For more details on the robust floor repair systems that Level Best Concrete Flooring ca provide for you, please contact us on 01405 819199 and or e mail enquiries@levelbestconcreteflooring.co.uk 

Warehouse floor renovated in Bedford
Refurbished warehouse concrete floor in Bedford
Concrete floor refurbishment
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