Warehouse floor refurbishment contract in Hemel Hempstead commences

This large warehouse floor repair and refurbish contract in Hemel Hempstead has now commenced and the Level Best Concrete Floor renovation teams are in full swing repairing the floor cracks, fixing the joints, removing the racking bolts, and polishing and cleaning the warehouse floors. There are also a large number of external concrete repairs, including the removal and replacement of some damaged sections of concrete.

If you would like to know more information about this warehouse floor repair contract in Hemel Hempstead please contact us on 01405 819199 and ask for the floor survey department or simply e mail enquiries@levelbestconcreteflooring.co.uk

Warehouse floor repairs in Hemel Hempstead by Level Best
Racking bolt removal in Hemel Hempstead warehouse
Floor repair contractor in Hemel Hempstead
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