Warehouse floor joint repairs in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Level Best’s concrete floor renovation and repair team have recently completed the first phase of warehouse floor joint repair works in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

The initial site inspection conducted by one of Level Best’s Floor Renovation Specialists gave the floor repair company the opportunity to speak to the facilities manager, to understand the warehouse’s operation and production routines, to ensure the works in Doncaster, South Yorkshire were phased accordingly. This resulted in the warehouse floor joint repair works been completed over two phases, as the distribution facility had to remain fully operational for the full duration of the works.

Level Best opted for their specialist heavy-duty joint repair (HDJR) solution for these floor repairs. This reason was driven by the client’s requirements for a durable, long-lasting floor repair due to the high-traffic locations of the defective joints and the knock-on effects these breakdowns were having on the overall South Yorkshire Facility’s production schedule.

The tenant has already contacted Level Best’s Floor Renovation Specialist about future repairs in facilities in the North-West and Yorkshire. Specifically requesting the heavy-duty joint repair (HDJR) solution. Inspections will be conducted by Level Best prior to the specifying of any floor repairs, ensuring the defects are properly reviewed and understood as well as liaising with the relevant facilities managers ensuring disruptions are limited where possible.

Warehouse floor joint repairs in a live South Yorkshire distribution facility
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