Warehouse Floor Finish Samples In Leicester

Level Best Concrete Flooring have been carrying out samples to show the building owners and exiting tenants what sort of floor finish we can achieve. We have discussed the costs, provided three sample areas at three different stages and showcased how we would recommend for this floor refurbishment.

Our Floor polishing system and refurbishing contractor can achieve a variety of different grades depending on equipment and techniques. one of the machinery Level Best used for these samples are our walk behind power float. We would be using our ride on floor polishers to ensure a speedy service is provided once all agreements have been discussed.

This process is extremely helpful to aid the dilapidation process between the various parties to ensure satisfactory results for all concerned. Once costs have been finalised Level Best look forward to carrying out refurbishment of the 28,000m2 warehouse floor slabs and external yards.

To find out more about Level Best Concrete Flooring Contractors, please contact our team today on 01405 819199

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