Warehouse concrete floor dilapidation and refurbishment in Coventry, West Midlands

Level Best Concrete Flooring have completed another industrial concrete floor refurbishment contract, this time on an industrial park in Coventry, West Midlands. The project was carried out on behalf of a new client who recommended Level Best carry out the specialist warehouse concrete floor refurbishment works, tailored toward speculatively letting the unit to a multitude of potential tenants in the West Midlands.

The project commenced pre-tender with Level Best visiting site to carry out a dilapidation survey of the existing floor slab. Level Best’s floor surveyor ascertained the existing condition of the slab, concrete floor repair quantities and remediation solutions and systems. The industrial-specialist then presented their best practice proposals to the Client who proceeded with the works.

Preparatory repair works in Coventry, West Midlands included previous tenancy installed racking bolt removal of approximately 500 racking fixing bolts, over 100 linear metres of crack repairs, multiple patch repairs and localised concrete repairs. The polishing works then commenced with Level Best carrying out an 8-stage concrete repair system. The system involved microscopically grinding the existing surface to remove any surface defects, roughness, dirt and grime.

Level Best then completed their scope of concrete floor dilapidation works with the final couple of stages of the polishing process including structurally improving the slab through the application of a densifier alongside the application of a sealer, a product ideal for completely sealing the surface leaving an easy-maintain slab for the incoming tenant free of any dust.

On completion of this concrete floor dilapidation and refurbishment project in Coventry, West Midlands Level Best Concrete Flooring mobilised directly to Beeston, Nottingham to commence a much larger but similar in scope concrete floor renovation and revitalisation project.

Industrial-grade crack repair carried out in Coventry, West Midlands
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