Sustainable industrial concrete floor surveys and inspections in the Yorkshire region

Yorkshire-based Level Best Concrete Flooring are conducting site inspections across the Yorkshire region. The purpose of these specialist inspections is to assess, review and report on the existing condition of the concrete floor and provide a repair specification with a keen focus on serviceability and sustainability.

The inspections are conducted in a range of industrial, commercial, warehouse, distribution and even retail environments. Although the building condition, age and dimensions vary hugely, Level Best’s Floor Renovation process remains the same throughout – commencing with the industrial concrete floor inspection.

Level Best also carry out a variety of structural slab appraisals and assessments throughout Yorkshire’s industrial sector, ascertaining the condition of the existing slab and the subgrade below. The information gathered from this testing process provides a platform for the future letting of the building. The landlord and letting agents are provided critical information such as:

  1. Surface tolerance in accordance with TR34 to determine potential maximum racking heights.
  2. Slab capacity to determine possible forklift, racking, and uniformly distributed loads.
  3. Building footprint extents allowing future tenancy operational feasibility studies to be conducted.

As well as the above critical letting information, Level Best also draft a repair specification, where the industrial specialist recommend a series of concrete floor repair processes bringing the warehouse back to a serviceable state for future tenancies, limiting operational downtime and disruptions created by concrete flooring defects. The purpose of the repair specification is to return the slab back to its “base build state” in the most costly, timely and sustainable manner.

Industrial concrete flooring inspections in Yorkshire
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