Structural racking and fixing bolt removal as part of concrete floor dilapidation works

Industrial refurbishment and dilapidation experts Level Best Concrete Flooring are regularly removing tenant installed racking and fixing bolts from industrial concrete floor slabs throughout the UK and Mainland Europe for a variety of retail and distribution clients.

Level Best structurally core drill the existing fixing or racking bolt out full depth using the drill rig picture below. The resulting void is then cleaned, primed and filled using a non-shrink high-strength repair mortar. All concrete floor dilapidation works are carried out by Level Best’s inhouse concrete floor repair teams. Over 100,000 racking and fixing bolts have been removed utilising this method in the last year on major dilapidation projects in Avonmouth, Rugby, Kettering, Hertfordshire, Newcastle and Leeds.

The removal of fixing and racking bolts make up part of Level Best’s wider industrial refurbishment and enhancement works. Other repairs carried out include line marking and paint removal, heavy-duty joint repairs, joint resealing and concrete polishing. These works all form the all-encompassing Floor Renovation System – a concrete flooring enhancement and refurbishment process ideal for major industrial warehouse dilapidation projects. If you have a project or building that requires racking and fixing bolt removal, get in touch with the dilapidation floor experts on 01405 819199. Level Best have multiple floor surveyors covering the length and breadth of the UK and Europe surveying industrial, warehouse and distribution concrete floors as part of small scale refurbishments or major dilapidation schemes involving some of the UK’s largest online retailers and suppliers.

A Level Best concrete floor repair operative core drill removing a racking bolt in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
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