Specialist dilapidations workload for May 2023

Yorkshire-based industrial concrete flooring dilapidation, refurbishment and repair specialist Level Best Concrete Flooring have a very busy month of May coming up specifying and carryout out environmentally-friendly concrete floor solutions.

Level Best will be providing expert advice for a large variety of landlords, client and project managers throughout the UK and Ireland.  Level Best will be conducting the following dilapidation surveys throughout the UK. The specialist surveys are conducted by at least one of Level Best Floor Surveyors, who generally work in teams of two to ensure all aspect of the floor assessment is completed and surveyed in full.

  • End of tenancy dilapidation surveys in Washington, Tyne-upon-Wear
  • Insitu slab testing and assessment in Banbury, Oxfordshire
  • Industrial concrete floor overlay in Bicester, Oxfordshire as part of wider repurposing contract
  • Slab coring, lab testing and appraising in Doncaster, South Yorkshire
  • End of tenancy dilapidation survey in Aylesford, Kent
  • End of tenancy dilapidation survey in Northamptonshire
  • Full depth concrete floor removal and reinstallation in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Alongside the specialist surveying, assessing and advising, Yorkshire-based Level Best will be working on a variety of live industrial refurbishment projects. On these live projects Level Best will be carrying out specialist concrete floor repairs that have been pre-determined and pre-agreed with projects teams with an eye on budget and time scales.

  • Defective concrete floor joint racking aisle repairs in Doncaster, South Yorkshire
  • Full floor renovation including localised repairing and cleaning and polishing in Salford, Greater Manchester
  • Full depth concrete floor removal and replacement in Enfield, North London
  • Previous tenant installed diamond drilling racking bolt removal in Elstree, Hertfordshire
  • Concrete floor joint repairs and line marking removal in Erdington, Birmingham

To learn more about Level Best’s environmentally-friendly industrial concrete flooring repurposing solutions, anywhere in the UK and Ireland, please contact one of Level Best specialist floor surveyors on 01405 819199.

Level Best’s clean and green concrete floor dilapidation solutions in May 2023
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