Slurry recycling machine for warehouse floor dilapidation projects, by Level Best

Level Best Concrete Flooring has once again  invested in the latest innovation with the research and development  department working in tandem with recycling specialist, Blue Rinse.  The photographs show the mark I version of the slurry recycling system with the new machine currently under manufacture and due to be delivered to the warehouse floor repair and refurbishment contractors in April 2023. 

The slurry recycler forms a large part of Level Bests ESG Agenda with the recycling and re-use  of the water used diring their processes. 

As soon as the new machine arrives Level Best will post more information and detail on the system to keep followers of the website updated. 

In the meantime if you would like more information on how Level Best  an assist you with the renovation and repair of your warehouse floor, please contact one of our flooring surveyors on 01405 819199 or e mail

Slurry recycling machine for renovation projects on Level Best projects
Level Best Concrete Flooring recycling slurry on warehouse floor refurbishment schemes
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