Racking bolt removal project commences in the West Midlands

Level Best Concrete Floor Repair & Dilapidations have commenced a new project in Telford, Shropshire near the West Midlands on behalf of a new client and building contractor.

Following the end of the previous occupant’s tenancy agreement, the building contractor was engaged to return the commercial unit back to its original state. One of the main areas of repair scope involved the repair of the concrete floor.

Level Best are full depth removing over 3,000 previous tenant installed racking and fixing bolts. The bolts are removed utilising diamond core drilling methods, remove the anchored fixing bolt to a depth of 75-100mm. The subsequent void is then prepared, primed and infilled by Level Best’s repair Team utilising an approved cementitious repair mortar. The mortar is left proud of the surface and ground smooth once the initial set has taken place, ensuring a smooth platform is provided to the future incoming tenant, limiting any further operational downtime.

Level Best will also be completing a series of external hardstanding repairs in Telford, Shropshire near the West Midlands. The external repairs vary from joint arris breakdown surface repairs to full depth concrete removal and reinstatements – involving load-transfer dowel installation and reinforced concrete placement.

Please follow the contact us page should you have an existing industrial concrete floor repair and refurbishment requiring Level Best’s specialist services.

Racking bolt removal project commences in the West Midlands
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