Providing specialist solutions to warehouse floor joint problems

Inevitably if you work inside a live warehouse, production, industrial or logistics facility then you will have come across problems with the floor joints below your feet (or below your forklift materials handling equipment). These warehouse floor joints, once deteriorated and spalled, create a series of ongoing operational, safety and maintenance problems until remediated.

  1. Operational downtime through the shutting of racking/production aisles, rerouting of traffic and overall disruption cannot normally be accommodated with commercial targets driving logistics output.
  2. Health and Safety problems can arise for both warehouse and MHE staff if the joint is allowed to deteriorate to a dangerous level. The type of forklift and location of the joint can maximise the problem for the warehouse workforce.
  3. Materials handling equipment damage and repair costs including major machine repairs, new tyres and increased machine wear and turnover.

Fortunately Level Best Dilapidations have a variety of warehouse floor joint repair solutions available to you as detailed below. Suggesting the correct repair is solely reliant on one of Level Best Floor Specialists inspecting the damage warehouse floor joint, reviewing the root cause and facility layout and liaising with the landlord, tenant/occupant and facilities managers to understand the problems, budgets and time scales.

  1. Level Best’s heavy-duty surface joint repair providing a quicker and robust surface joint repair.

Removes all surface damage and spalling reintroducing a seamless joint transition at critical operational locations.

Regularly carried out in live facilities, racking aisles and at level access entry doors.

Quick and clean method limiting disruption to insitu tenant/occupant.

  1. A full depth joint removal and reinstatement provides a full structural repair solution.

Ideal when there are concerns with the performance and specification of existing, non-performing warehouse floor joints.

Involves steel armoured joint installation providing armoured arris protection for 10+ years whilst reinstating critical load-transfer. If you are having problems with warehouse floor joints in a live industrial or commercial warehouse premise then please make contact with Level Best following the ‘Contact Us’ page above. Free site surveys and inspections are carried out providing specialist advice and advising on ideal repair solutions.

Full depth structural steel armoured joint reinstatement
Swift and solid heavy-duty joint repair solutions to damage joint surfaces
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