Industrial concrete flooring dilapidation contract completed in Hayes, London

Yorkshire-based industrial dilapidation and refurbishment specialist, Level Best Concrete Flooring, has recently completed the refurbishment of an industrial unit on Prologis Park, Heathrow in London on behalf of a repeat Client and Contractor.

Level Best were involved in the scheme during the early dilapidation and conception stages, assisting with the dilapidation survey. Level Best’s extensive experience in the repair, cleaning and polishing of existing concrete floors make them ideal to engage early in a dilapidation scheme’s development. Level Best quantified the repairs required to the floor, including but not limited to the following industrial concrete floor scope of works; racking and fixing bolt removal, line marking, floor paint and demarcation removal, concrete joint repairs, concrete crack repairs, external yard repairs and finally the enhancing clean, polish and seal multi-stage system.

Six months later Level Best were engaged to commence works onsite in Heathrow, London to deliver the full scope of works aforementioned. Approximately 2,500 no. racking bolts were core drill removed and filled, 100 linear metres of cracks repaired, 50 linear metre of joint arris breakdown repaired, 50 number localised slab damage repaired, sawn induced and steel armoured construction joint resealed and approximately 8,500 square metres of slab clean, polished and sealed utilising Level Best’s enhancing floor treatment system – this system includes the removal of all tape, dust, debris, grease, oil, dirt, tyre marks, spillages and soiling, as well as improving the structural capacity of the floor with the application of a densifier and re-sealing the floor with a dust-proofing sealer. Leaving the client and the incoming tenant with a easy-clean, easy-maintain unit in Hayes near Heathrow, London.

For more details on Level Best’s dilapidation services or for more information on this project in Heathrow, London, then please contact on 01405 819199 or alternatively email .

Industrial concrete flooring dilapidation contract completed in Hayes, London
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