Overlay to existing warehouse floor in Corby, Northamptonshire

This existing concrete floor in Corby was damaged beyond repair, but still structurally sound enough to install a new concrete floor over the top of it. Level Best designed an overlay floor 150mm in depth and reinforced with structural steel fabric mesh. The initial works commenced with installing a sub base transfer platform over the top of the existing concrete floor. This sub base layer was installed using  Level Best’s laser controlled sub base levelling machine to extremely accurate tolerances. The sub base layer takes out any deviations from the existing slab and allows the new concrete floor to be a consistent level underneath the new floor, to ensure shrinkage is controlled to allow the new floor to perform successfully. The new overlaid concrete floor is laid using the laser screed concrete flooring machine to ensure the finished floor level required is maintained throughout the concrete pouring process and also control the slab depth to enhance performance.

The total area of warehouse concrete flooring in Corby was 7,000m2 and the client was impressed with the final floor finish and well executed project management from Level Best Concrete Flooring.

Overlay floor in warehouse in Corby
Sub base material overlaid onto existing floors in Corby
Overlay concrete floors in Corby
Level Best install overlay floor in Corby
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