Nottingham warehouse floors and repairs progressing on schedule

This major warehouse floor refurbishment project in Nottingham is on schedule to complete by the end of January 2024 as the concrete floors progress in advance of the floor cleaning and polishing treatment. With thousands and thousand’s of bolts from the racking to remove and lots of crack repairs, all of the floor preparation in this Nottingham warehouse needs to be carried out prior to the final floor cleaning treatment, which will leave the warehouse floor in Nottingham in excellent condition, to allow the landlord to re let the warehouse for premium rates. The floor cleaning and polishing systems that Level Best provide landlords is also much easier to agree on the dilapidation and repair schedules as the products applied to the finished floor, do not wear off, unlike traditional floor paints. Once the buildings have been let and re let, the floor finish remains intact, whereas with floor paints, they are highly likely to peel off and require painting again. The Level Best floor refurbishment systems are very difficult to remove and hence life spans are vastly improved in comparison to floor paint, which also minimises the ongoing requirements to refurbish the floors after each exiting tenant and also make the dilapidation surveyors job a lot easier.

If you require a warehouse floor survey in Nottingham to be carried out by the Level Best Concrete Flooring floor surveying team then please contact us on 01405 819199 or e mail enquiries The concrete floor repair and refurbish contractors survey floors throughout the country, so please feel free to contact us with your floor repair requirements.

Warehouse floor repairs being carried out in Nottingham warehouse
External concrete repairs at Nottingham logistics centre
Racking bolt removal in Nottingham warehouse
Warehouse floor grinding to cater for forklift operations in Nottingham
Line marking removal in Nottingham warehouse
Concrete yard, bolt hole and racking bolt repairs in Nottingham distribution centre
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