Next phase of heavy-duty joint repair commences in Rugby, Warwickshire

Yorkshire-based concrete floor repair specialists Level Best Concrete Flooring have returned to site in Rugby, Warwickshire to commence the next phase of heavy-duty joint repairs to allow the new incoming tenant to commence with operations.

The specialist concrete floor repair solution was suggested by Level Best following completion of an initial upfront dilapidation survey. One of Level Best’s floor surveyors was invited to attend site by the industrial property agent and building surveyor to survey, review and ascertain existing joint repair performance following the end of the previous tenant’s long lease. This is where Level Best suggested and provided two different heavy-duty floor proposals for the Client and building owner to review in terms of cost and programme, allowing the new tenant to take possession of the unit as soon as is safe and functional to do so.

The next phase of works in Rugby, Warwickshire will involve a heavy-duty surface joint repair, which involves the removal of the defective joint repair and the reinstatement of a heavy-duty joint transition and industrial-grade resin repair material. Both products are grinded smooth following sufficient curing, providing the incoming tenant with a complete smooth and seamless transition for future forklift and MHE movements.

Heavy-duty industrial concrete floor joint repair being installed in Warwickshire
Joint repair from previous phase performing well in Rugby, Warwickshire
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