Level Best’s HDJR Installed in live warehouse facility in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Level Best Concrete Flooring’s Repair Team have completed yet another Heavy-Duty Joint Repair (HDJR) System in a live warehouse facility in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Level Best’s expert concrete floor expansion joint repair team worked over the weekend, out-of-hours for the logistics tenant, to ensure disruption to the operations and outputs at the Doncaster-based logistic firm were reduced.

Level Best’s heavy-duty joint repair system is the ideal solution for heavily broken down and defective floor joints in high-traffic locations such as racking aisles, level entry roller shutter doorways and adjacent to dock levellers and racking ends.

  • The specialist HDJR solution is adaptable and robust to all warehouse, industrial and logistics situations that can simply be increased in length to cater for all joint repair situations.
  • A glass reinforced polymer strip is extremely tough yet still able to be ground down flush at finished floor level ensuring a smooth transition for forklift and MHE operations.
  • Encased with a specialist bonder and a 2-part cementitious repair mortar further enhances the longevity of Level Best’s repair system.

Level Best’s recently completed repair project in Doncaster, South Yorkshire showcases the companies ever-expanding portfolio of liver warehouse facility heavy-duty joint repair examples.

Heavy Duty Joint Repairing in Doncaster, South Yorkshire
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