Level Best Concrete Flooring commences work on three different concrete floor removal and replacement projects at major distribution facilities

Level Bets Concrete Flooring, the industrial concrete flooring contractors with a full nationwide coverage, have commenced works on three different sites, removing and replacing concrete floor slabs at these live sites.

The first project is at the Fedex distribution centre at Marston Gate, Bedford. The site is in operation 24 hours and seven days a week, yet Level Best Concrete Flooring have the capabilities to carry out the works by using a high strength and rapid strength gain concrete mix which allows the tenant early access to the replaced concrete areas.

The next project is familiar territory for the concrete flooring contractors as they have carried out the removal and replacement of concrete slabs at W H Malcolm international railfreight terminal for 4 years now. The fibre reinforced concrete floor slabs are 380mm deep and trafficked by the heavy duty container fork lifts which put extreme load on the concrete floor slabs.

The final project of this month is in Dagenham, Essex where Level Best operatives will operate around the clock in this live warehouse to remove damaged concrete which has suffered “heave” due to the large amount of clay beneath the substrate. The team will remove the deep clay material and fill with a granular subbase and replace the damaged concrete with new heavy duty floor design concrete floor.

For more details on how Level Best Concrete Flooring can remove and replace your damaged industrial concrete floors, please contact us at enquiries@levelbestconcreteflooring.co.uk or telephone 01405 8199199 and ask for Estimating.

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