Industrial concrete flooring repair, clean and polish services at Level Best Concrete Flooring

Industrial concrete floor refurbishment and dilapidation experts, Level Best Concrete Flooring, from Goole, Yorkshire are regularly carrying out innovative concrete floor repair, clean, polish and seal systems for a variety of Clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

The revolutionary industrial systems involve a variety of different stages, solutions and systems, all tailored towards improving the aesthetics of existing industrial, warehouse and logistic concrete flooring. The early stages of the concrete industrial floor repair works consists of cleaning the existing slab removing all dirt, grime and tyre marking. The middle stages involve applying a product to the slab to increase the structural capacity of the floor whilst also increasing abrasion resistance and slab lifespan for future tenancies. The latter stages of the industrial concrete floor repair works involve the sealing of the slab, providing the client and future tenants with a fully sealed easy-clean, easy maintain and aesthetically transformed and improved surface for all modern warehousing, distribution and distribution requirements.

The key to specifying the correct refurbishment works and providing an ideal refurbished and transformed concrete floor slab always starts with a dilapidation survey. Level Best’s specialists always insist on carrying out a dilapidation survey prior to works starting to ensure that all insitu conditions are quantified and qualified. Industrial concrete floor dilapidation surveys also give Level Best the opportunity to manage project expectations, reviewing exactly what condition the slab can be improved and transformed into. This is the opportunity for Level Best to determine scope of works and to manage client expectations.

Dilapidation surveys also provide Level Best Concrete flooring to quantify insitu line marking, resin coverings and floor paint. All demarcations on the floor require completely removing to provide the overall easy-clean, easy-maintain and aesthetically transformed and improved surface for the building owner, client and incoming tenant. Level Best have a variety of paint, resin and line marking removal solutions to turn the industrial concrete floor slab into a “blank canvas” providing future letting flexibility and interest.

Innovative industrial concrete floor clean, polish and seal system underway in Avonmouth, Bristol
Insitu condition of slab prior to Level Best arriving onsite to carry out complete clean, polish and seal concrete floor repair in Beeston, Nottingham
Extensive concrete floor transformation in Beeston, Nottingham following successful existing industrial clean, polish and seal repair system
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