Industrial concrete flooring polishing in Watford, Hertfordshire

Following the end of the previous industrial and commercial tenancy, Level Best Concrete Flooring were contracted to carry out their all-encompassing Floor Renovation Services on a set of units in Watford, Hertfordshire on behalf of a new client and industrial property agent and working alongside a new contractor.

The first phase of works included localised surface slab patch repairs following the removal of a previous tenant installed first floor mezzanine office. The first phase of works in Watford, Hertfordshire also involved the full depth drilling and coring removal of previous tenant installed fixing and racking bolts. The preparatory repairs were all itemised by Yorkshire-based Level Best Concrete Flooring during the industrial slab dilapidation survey, a free survey Level Best carry out on behalf of the industrial property agent to ascertain and specify the correct expert remedial solutions.

The final concrete floor slab cleaning, polishing and sealing was then carried out in Watford, Hertfordshire. The initial phases of this systems involve the application of aggressive tooling designed to remove all existing slab dirt, grime and soiling alongside removing previous tenant installed demarcation, line markings and paint. Level Best then applied the two specific industrial concrete flooring products to increase slab performance and improve the incoming tenant’s operations and cleaning regime. A final polish, seal and buff is then completed where the results and transformation can be seen below.

Before Level Best completed their specialist concrete floor polishing
After Level Best’s industrial floor cleaning, polishing and sealing in Watford, Hertfordshire
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