Industrial concrete floor joint repair solutions

Level Best Concrete Flooring, the industrial concrete floor dilapidation, refurbishment and repair experts from Goole, East Yorkshire, are providing clients, building owners, building surveyors, tenants and contractors with a variety of specialist joint repair solutions throughout the UK. Level Best’s extensive background and knowledge in the design of new industrial concrete floors makes leaves them well placed to provide expert advice on existing concrete floor slab joint repairs.

The specific joint repair solution is determined by Level Best during a preliminary, upfront dilapidation survey. This is where Level Best will visit site and conduct a thorough site survey, providing the client and/or building surveyor with advice based on the existing insitu condition of the floor. This dilapidation survey gives Level Best’s floor surveyor the opportunity to assess the defective concrete floor slab joint, investigate the reason behind the failure and determine the best course of action and the suitable joint repair solution. The following industrial concrete floor slab joint repair solutions carried out by Yorkshire-based Level Best are as follows:-

  • Sawn induced contraction joint arris breakdown repairs. This is where the edges of a saw cut joint have spalled, generally under tenants forklift traffic and movement.
  • Heavy-duty joint repair as shown below. This type of repair is more heavy-duty and longer lasting then the above arris repair. This concrete floor joint repair is usually carried out above expansion and dowelled joints, which have opened up significantly. This significate joint opening leads to extensive joint spalling and damage, hence why Level Best recommend and regularly install a purpose-built transition strip installed at finished floor level, surround by resin based mortars which stand up to hard wheeled traffic better than cementitious materials.
  • Full depth structural joint repair. This truly is the most heavy-duty solution in Level Best’s armoury, it involves the full depth removal of the existing dowelled or steel armoured joint along with adjacent concrete. The resulting subbase is then recompacted, the adjacent slab is drill and dowelled to provide load-transfer and a steel armoured construction joint is placed centrally providing a permanent steel armoured transition joint. C40 mesh reinforced concrete is reinstated with a full powerfloat sealed finish, ideal for warehousing use.

Level Best Dilapidations are carrying out floor joint repairs throughout the UK, ranging from numerous industrial estates situated around the M25, London to large distribution hubs in the West Midlands and small production facilities in Yorkshire and the North-East.

All successful joint repair solutions commence with a dilapidation survey. These dilapidation surveys provide the opportunity to assess the existing slab, the client and tenant processes, production need and budgets and the best course of joint repair action. Without an upfront dilapidation survey, the ideal joint repair solution cannot always be specified.

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