How floor coatings wear in the industrial environments in comparison our concrete floor polishing systems

When clients are taking over new premises the common thought process is to either paint or epoxy coat the floors to protect the surfaces and make them look nice and shiny, especially if you have your own corporate colour scheme. Whilst this looks lovely in the first instance, the floor paint quickly begin to wear off under forklift trafficking and immediately become unsightly. The next common occurrence is for the floor paint to be re applied over the top of the existing coatings. This is when the maintenance starts to become more of a problem as the situation exacerbates quickly. 

The methods adopted by Level Best to treat the floor with innovative and environmentally friendly products, completely reduces all of the above maintenance problems. The products used throughout the process are almost impossible to wear off and seep deeply into the pores of the concrete in order to eliminate concrete dusting and completely seal the surface to reduce the chance of liquids penetrating the floors. As with anything there is a downside, the products we use our clear in colour and hence do not alter the colour of the existing concrete. The natural colour of the existing concrete will shine through the floor and not alter. We at Level Best see this is a massive positive however, as the floors require very little maintenance thereafter, other than basic cleaning and will remain shiny and light reflective for as long as they are kept clean. To prove this fact we have recently carried out Gloss Tests on a floor we polished 5 years ago and the results were remarkable. In order for the landlord to re let the building all we have done is basically remove the line marking and tyre marks and other than that the floor is as good as when we originally carried out the original Floor Renovation System.  

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A typical factors floor with coating, exhibiting extreme wear
Floor coating peeling off under heavy forklift traffic
Epoxy floor coatings in factory workplaces do not last
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