Heavy duty joint repair underway in Rugby, Warwickshire

Industrial concrete floor repair specialists, Level Best Refurbishment and Dilapidations, have commenced onsite in Rugby near Northampton in Warwickshire with approximately 150 linear metres of heavy duty joint repair.

The floor repair specialist will be carrying out the Rugby, Warwickshire floor repair works over a two week period, sequencing the works around the warehouse and distribution tenant’s internal movements and processes as not to effect production and output levels. During the initial dilapidation survey, Level Best will liaise with the Tenant, Client or building contractor to ascertain exactly how to sequence the works. This initial liaison is critical in ensuring the heavy duty warehouse repair is installed in it’s entirety whilst limiting Client logistical and production downtime.

The existing defective joint was surveyed during the dilapidation survey by one of Level Best’s floor surveyors, who proposed the heavy duty joint repair system. The surface repair system involves removing the defective joint and adjacent spalled concrete to a depth of circa 50-75mm. The area will then be primed with an industrial primer prior to the load transfer transition strip being installed to the correct level. The area is then infilled with a high strength fast setting industrial grade resin product, with the material left proud of the surface. Level Best’s operatives will then grind down the resin and transition strip providing a smooth transition for all subsequent forklift, warehouse and industrial movements.

On completion of this heavy duty joint repair project in Rugby, Warwickshire, Level Best dilapidation and refurbishments team will be mobilising to Livingston in Scotland to carry out the same surface concrete floor repair to defective joints in a tenanted warehouse. The exact process will be followed in it’s entirety, ensuring Level Best can constantly provide all industrial, logistic and warehousing Client with the same heavy duty concrete floor repair system.

Level Best progressing with heavy duty joint repair in Rugby, Warwickshire
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