Heavy-duty joint repair in Park Royal, London 

Yorkshire-based industrial concrete floor dilapidation, repair and refurbishment contractor Level Best Concrete Flooring are providing industrial warehousing and logistic Clients with a fool proof joint replacement solution throughout the UK, this time in the country’s capital London. 

Level Best conducted an initial upfront dilapidation survey on behalf of the landlord and industrial property agent to ascertain the exact remediation solution. This upfront survey is critical in understanding the concrete defect in its entirety and then progressing on to specify the exact concrete floor repair solution. 

The repair itself involves; the full depth removal of the existing traditional joint and defective joint arris, drilling and dowelling of high tensile steel bars reinstating load-transfer, relevelling and reconnecting of the substrate, placement of a permanent steel armoured insitu joint, placement of steel fabric mesh and installation of ready-mix C40 concrete in conjunction with existing levels. 

For specialist industrial concrete floor repair advice, please contact Level Best who will arrange an initial dilapidation survey onsite and best advice on the exact solution, considering costs, programme, and performance. 

full depth industrial joint repair reinstating load-transfer in Park Royal, London
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