Heavy-duty concrete floor joint repair in Rugby, Warwickshire

Industrial concrete floor repair specialists Level Best Concrete Flooring were contacted by a Building Surveyor to offer their expert industrial assistance on a defective concrete floor joint repair in Rugby, Warwickshire. Two of Level Best’s Floor Surveyors attended site where they carried out a dilapidation survey to assess the existing floor’s condition whilst also reviewing the defective joint repairs.

Level Best were confident with their findings however to be conclusive for the Building Surveyor, Building Owner and Incoming Tenant, Level Best organised a variety of insitu coring and testing samples to be carried out to determine the exact extent of the concrete floor joint problem. Multiple cores were taken throughout the slab and previous joint repairs to give an accurate representation of what was insitu. The cores confirmed that the previous repairs were sub-standard and required immediate attention prior to the incoming tenant moving in.

Level Best quickly mobilised one of their cocnrete floor joint repair teams to rugby, Warwickshire to carry out the following joint repair. TO summarise the joint repair solution involves the following process:-

  • The surface repair system involves removing the defective joint and adjacent spalled concrete to a depth of circa 50-75mm.
  • The area will then be primed with an industrial primer prior to the load transfer transition strip being installed to the correct level.
  • The area is then infilled with a high strength fast setting industrial grade resin product, with the material left proud of the surface
  • Level Best’s operatives will then grind down the resin and transition strip providing a smooth transition for all subsequent forklift, warehouse and industrial movements.

This project is another example of Level Best’s timely, effective and efficient industrial refurbishment, repair and dilapidation services. From being contacted by their client, Level Best attended site to carry out a dilapidation survey, put forward different proposals to the client based on cost and programme and carried out the selected repair, all within 4 weeks! Ensuring the incoming tenants possession of the site was not delayed.

defective joint in Rugby, Warwickshire assessed during dilapidation survey
defective joint repair broken out full depth, area prepared with industrial-grade priming agent
Heavy-duty warehousing transition strip placed centrally in Rugby, Warwickshire
Full area is reinstated and filled with heavy-duty concrete repair product, with material left proud of surface
Heavy-duty industrial-grade repair product and transition strip ground smooth with adjacent surfaces, providing smooth forklift transition for tenant and building owner
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