Good progress been made by floor dilapidation experts in Coventry, West Midlands

Industrial concrete floor and dilapidation experts Level Best Concrete Flooring are making excellent progress on this industrial refurbishment contract in Coventry, West Midlands. Level Best are carrying out a variety of innovative existing concrete flooring repair solutions on this old concrete floor. 

Approximately 500 previous tenant installed racking bolts have been core drilled and filled with an industrial-grade high-strength repair product. A further 250 linear metres of slab surface cracking has been repaired and filled, providing the client and incoming tenant with a structurally sound industrial surface in Coventry, West Midlands ideal for warehousing and distribution processes.

Level Best are also carrying out a multi-stage concrete floor dilapidation cleaning, grind, polishing and sealing system in Coventry. The revolutionary system microscopically opens the surface of the concrete allowing enhancing products to be applied to the concrete to enhance structural and abrasion performance. A sealer is then applied and worked in providing a fully sealed solution, ideal for warehousing operations.

Previous tenant installed racking bolt removal in Coventry, West Midlands
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