Full floor renovation project completes in Uxbridge, West London

Yorkshire-based concrete floor refurbishment, dilapidation and repair experts Level Best have completed yet another full floor renovation project in London. This time the project was completed in Uxbridge located in the London Borough of Hillingdon near to the industrial hot bed of Heathrow where the specialist flooring contractor have completed multiple projects.

The works commenced, as do all level Best’s refurbishment and repair projects, with a pre-survey providing the specialist the opportunity to survey the existing slab to qualify and quantify existing defects and specify ideal, specific repair solutions tailored towards the industrial market and the speculative letting of this building type. Level Best’s floor specials work closely with the Uxbridge Client and Client’s team to consider all elements of the project including the dilapidation process and repair budgets.

Onsite insitu works involved the full depth racking bolt drilling removal and infilling of previous tenant installed racking and fixing bolts – racking bolt removal is one of the main services Level Best demonstrate in the refurbishment and dilapidation works. Other end of tenancy defects were remediated such as line marking, floor paint and previous tenant installed demarcation were removed through a variety of intrusive systems. Floor joints were repaired, cleaned out and resealed throughout the warehouse.

The final scope of concrete floor repair works in Uxbridge, West London involved the cleaning, polishing and sealing of the slab enhancing the structural performance whilst leaving a more presentable and maintenance-free slab, ideal for future tenancies. Revolutionary diamond tooling techniques combined with specialist product application returned the slab to base build specification condition.

Yorkshire-based Level Best will now be mobilising to sites in Sheffield South Yorkshire, Ryton-on-Dunsmore West Midlands and Darlington North-East England to demonstrate similar existing concrete floor dilapidation, refurbishment and repair works.

Full existing industrial concrete floor cleaning, polishing and sealing specialism in Uxbridge, West London
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