Full depth removal works nearing completion in Kent

Level Best’s latest concrete floor dilapidation and refurbishment project is making good progress on Quarry Wood Industrial Estate in Aylesford Kent.

The existing surface course and concrete floor slab has been broken up and removed offsite in its entirety. A civils team, operating two large excavators and mechanical breaker attachments, completed the removal works in 3 weeks removing almost 2000 tonne of material away from site.

Removal works have gone down to a depth of around 300mm providing the suitable cover for the importing, levelling and compacting of a new subbase and subgrade providing a suitable unformed platform for the new slab installation in Kent.

The first issue onsite occurred when a perimeter ring beam had to be retained as it was supporting superstructure elements and a perimeter blockwork wall. The ring beam varied in level over 100mm meaning that a compliant floor slab and FFL, required for the tenant’s racking operations, could not be constructed whilst marrying into the ring beam for the levels.

Level Best proposed a remedial solution to the project team involving the re-levelling of the ring beam using a cementitious repair mortar. The purpose behind this is to bring the ring beam up to a consistent level with the main warehouse slab, allowing the slab to be cast to a consistent FM compliant tolerance whilst also provide extra operations space, maximising the building’s use.

Full depth concrete floor removal services
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