Floor dilapidation surveys in Doncaster by Level Best

Level Best Concrete Flooring are busy surveying numerous existing warehouse floor slabs in Doncaster and other locations in Yorkshire. Once the floor surveyors have inspected the concrete floors a full report is provided for the building agents to confirm the final dilapidation agreements between landlord and tenant. 

This warehouse in Doncaster has been rented by the tenant for 12 years and has had numerous different layouts over that period. This results in the requirement for the removal of line marking, fixing bolts, joint repairs and other intrusions to the floors to which Level Best can provide costs and methods of repair to return the floor back to its original splendour and allow easy re letting for the landlord. 

If we can provide you with a full floor dilapidation report for tour warehouse in Doncaster, Yorkshire or anywhere else in the country then please do not hesitate to click on our contacts page or telephone 01405 819199. 

Survey of existing warehouse floor in Doncaster for dilapidation process
Floor joint repair in Doncaster warehouse

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