Final phase of joint repair works completed in Rugby, Warwickshire

Industrial concrete floor repair, refurbishment and dilapidation experts from Goole, East-Yorkshire have completed this innovative heavy-duty joint repair system in Rugby, Warwickshire on behalf of a new Client.

The joint repair solution in Rugby, Warwickshire has been completed over multiple visits and phases as to not cause too much disruption to the new tenant. The works were coordinated with the Landlord, Builidng Surveyor, Contractor and incoming Tenant in a way that would allow full operation for the insitu tenant whilst allowing Level Best the opportunity to install the joint as follows.

  • The surface repair system involves removing the defective joint and adjacent spalled concrete to a depth of circa 50-75mm.
  • The area will then be primed with an industrial primer prior to the load transfer transition strip being installed to the correct level.
  • The area is then infilled with a high strength fast setting industrial grade resin product, with the material left proud of the surface
  • Level Best’s operatives will then grind down the resin and transition strip providing a smooth transition for all subsequent forklift, warehouse and industrial movements.

This repair project in Rugby, Warwickshire is another example of Level Best’s full industrial concrete floor repair and refurbishment services. The project commenced with a end of tenancy dilapidation survey on behalf of the Landlord, Client and Building Surveyor and completed with the installation of over 100 linear metres of heavy-duty joint repair system, allowing the incoming distribution tenant the peace of mind they can begin their tenancy without ongoing problems with the floor joints.

Heavy-duty joint repair completed in Rugby, Warwickshire by industrial specialist
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