Dilapidation surveys throughout the UK by Level Best Concrete Flooring

Industrial concrete floor dilapidation and repair experts Level Best Concrete Flooring are regularly carrying out dilapidation and refurbishment surveys on behalf of Clients and Building Surveyors throughout the UK. The last week has seen the Level Best existing industrial cocnrete floor refurbishment and dilapidation surveying teams carrying out surveys in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, Leeds, West Yorkshire, Park Royal, London and Tamworth, West Midlands.

The initial dilapidation survey is a key part of any large industrial and distribution dilapidation and refurbishment project, ensuring that all the previous tenant installed fixing and racking bolts, damage caused to floor slab joints and slab panels, the build up of tyre marks, grime and dust on the floor slab is surveyed, qualified and quantified. The insitu concrete floor repair findings are then collated by one of Level Best’s Floor Surveyors and a dilapidation report is issued to the Client and their team.

The condition of any concrete floor in an industrial, distribution and logistics facility is a critical part to the letting, production and suitability of any warehouse for potential future tenants. Hence why Level Best’s dilapidation surveys and reports are regularly assisting clients throughout the UK. As stated above, Level Best Dilapidations are visiting sites across the KK ranging from Northamptonshire to Yorkshire to the West Midlands.

dilapidation surveys carried out in-house by Level Best in Leeds, West Yorkshire
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