Dilapidation surveys and insitu sampling by Level Best

Industrial concrete floor repair, dilapidation and refurbishment experts Level Best Concrete Flooring are regularly carrying out dilapidation surveys throughout the UK on behalf of building owners, industrial building surveyors and industrial property agents.

Level Best’s experience and expertise in the design and construction of new industrial floor slabs and one of the UK’s market leaders in the refurbishment of exiting concrete industrial floor slabs, makes them the ideal contact to carry out end of tenancy, end of lease and refurbishment dilapidation surveys. One of Level Best’s many floor surveyors will organise and attend surveys to review, inspect and specific a variety of basic and technical specialist concrete floor repair solutions.

Following completion of the survey, Level Best will produce an industrial floor slab specialist reports to issue to the Client, building owner, industrial building surveyor and/or the property agent. This report will consist of insitu existing condition reviews, proposals and cost solutions, all in line with overall refurbishment, dilapidation and programme targets.

Alongside surveying and reporting, Level Best will carry out a variety of insitu testing. A variety of strength testing, core sampling and intrusive investigation will be carried out to ascertain the existing slabs capacity for future marketing and lease purposes. Level Best can obtain slab depths, reinforcement types, subbase bearing capacity and overall strength of the concrete – all information required when re-letting the building to potential new tenants. The final part of Level Best’s dilapidation services is the insitu sampling which can be seen below. This is an opportunity for Level Best to carry out a variety of specialist clean, polish and seal solutions alongside repair solutions for Client, building owner, industrial building surveyor and/or the property agent’s review. This set ups a scenario where a variety of cost and programme driven solutions can be seen and reviewed onsite. Decisions can then be made on how to proceed in line with overall project budgets, lease potential and lend of tenancy agreements.

Cleaning, polish and sealing samples carried out for Client review and costing purposes in Northamptonshire
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