Delamination repairs to warehouse floors

Delamination to powerfloated warehouse floor slabs is becoming extremely common when concrete finishers are using the “ride on” heavy power-trowels. In some cases little is possible in order to stop the delamination as it can be caused by a variety of reasons in the modern day concrete flooring processes.  At Level Best we have been researching and developing ways in which the delamination can be repaired without causing mass disruption and unnecessary cost for the contractors and concrete suppliers. As you can see from the attached photographs showing the delamination repairs, not only are they fit for purpose, but also blend in reasonably well with the surrounding powerfloated concrete floor slab. Albeit the delamination repairs are still aesthetically visible the concrete surface, due to the nature of the products we use, is both tougher and has a greater abrasion resistance than standard powerfloated concrete. Not only are these methods safer and quicker than the removal of the delaminated concrete sections, but are also carried out more quickly and less intrusively.  

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Floor delamination repairs by Level Best
Warehouse floor delamination repairs
Delamination repairs to floor slabs
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