Concrete yard removal and replacement in Doncaster, South Yorkshire by Level Best Concrete Flooring 

Damaged and sunken concrete in this busy haulage yard located at one of the operators largest distribution centres in Doncaster, South Yorkshire required removing and replacing. With Level Best Concrete Flooring having extensive experience of managing concrete removal and logistic centres they were the automatic choice of the clients to carry out the concrete repair works. The entire area was broken out and replaced within a period of one week. This meant that the client incurred no downtime at all and operations could run smoothly without any interruptions to the logistical operations.

For more details on how Level Best Concrete Flooring can help you with the removal of your damaged concrete yard, please feel free to call one of floor surveyors on 01405 819199 or e mail 

Damaged concrete removed from the yard in Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Concrete repairs in haulage yard, Doncaster, Yorkshire
External concrete replacement in Doncaster, Yorkshire
New concrete in haulage Yard in Doncaster
Concrete replacement by Level Best Concrete Flooring
High strength concrete replacement at logistic centre
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