Concrete removal and replacement specialists commence works at Rugby logistics centre.

The concrete flooring survey and repair specialists Level Best Concrete Flooring are back at work again at this busy logistics hub in Rugby, Warwickshire. Level Best has vast experience in removing and replacing damaged concrete safely and cost effectively, along with the initial skillset to understand what does and doesn’t require replacing. With the concrete flooring contractors having the knowledge on designing and constructing new floors the industrial concrete flooring contractors understand the problems within the concrete floor during its lifespan in full operation.

The Level Best floor surveyors understand that each client is different and operates in a different way, especially in the case of this freight terminal in Rugby where 40 tonne reach stackers are in constant operation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Repairing concrete floors under this much duress takes an enormous amount of skill and knowledge in order to provide the best long term solution for the client.

The Level Best Concrete Flooring team has years of experience to deal with both on site logistical matters and the floor slab design itself. Our skilled team are travelling the length and breadth of the country every week surveying concrete floor slabs and are always willing to help and assist when called upon. Should you with to talk to one of our concrete floor survey team, then please call 01405 819199 or simply e mail your details to

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