Concrete planing services at Level Best Concrete Flooring

Concrete planing and reduction in depth of concrete floor slabs is carried out by the use of concrete milling machines, which attach the surface of the concrete with flails biting into the surface. The photograph shows large teeth fitted to the drum of the Bobcat planer for reducing the depths of slabs in large areas and quickly. The large floor planer removes the concrete in circa 10mm layers and provides a ploughed surface finish, suitable for installing concrete overlays to the existing concrete.

Level Best can also work in more confined areas of buildings using “walk behind” concrete planers, which are not quite as aggressive as the large concrete planers but more effective in areas of a  smaller size. The warehouse located at Tower Bridge Business Park, London requires an area of 260m2 reducing by 40mm to enable the concrete flooring contractors to cast an over lay slabs to a uniformed depth of 65mm throughout. This type of overlay system is often carried out by the industrial concrete flooring specialist as part of their all round fully encompassing floor renovation and refurbishment services.

For more details on how the concrete flooring contractors can refurbish your warehouse concrete floors please either telephone 01405 819199 or e mail your details to

Concrete planning services at Level Best
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