Concrete Flooring Renovation project in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Following the completion of the previous occupant’s tenancy, the warehouse floor was left in a state of disrepair on this large industrial unit in Hemel Hempstead. The previous tenant operated typical racking and forklift operations, all of which; leave the floor joints damaged in high-traffic locations, the concrete surface worn and damaged with a micro-roughness present at the surface and line marking present throughout.

The landlord required the unit to be returned back to its pre-let base build condition prior to re-marketing the unit.

Level Best’s Floor Renovation Team mobilised to site in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire to commence the various floor repair works such as racking fixing bolt removal, floor paint removal and warehouse floor joint repairs. As well as reinstating the floor space to full operation and function, the floor repair works also reduce future maintenance costs for the landlord and incoming tenants. This is achieved by carrying out approved workmanship repair methods.

On completion of the repairs Level Best completed their very own ‘RenoFlor’ warehouse floor cleaning, grinding, polishing and sealing process. This process involves removing the surface roughness via micro-grinding techniques prior to the application of a densifier to create a smooth durable surface finish. A sealer is then applied to provide long-term protection.

Level Best’s Floor Renovation System is the ideal industrial solution for returning dilapidated warehouse floors back to their pre-let base build condition. As the images demonstrate, this industrial floor in Hemel Hempstead was improved on all operational, functional and appearance angles leaving a surface suitable for future logistics operations.

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