Concrete floor slab removal and replacement project in Aylesford, Kent

This warehouse floor slab was damaged beyond repair and the client required an established concrete floor removal and replacement contractor to remove and replace the concrete floor to the highest of standards. Level Best Concrete Flooring, was contracted to remove the existing concrete floor and design and install a new warehouse floor to the latest standards in terms of floor loading requirements and flatness tolerances. The new tenant for the warehouse, was to install high bay racking to the entire footprint of the building in order to maximise usage in what is an expensive part of the country for warehousing space.

Level Best Concrete Flooring has removed and replaced damaged warehouse concrete floor slabs for the same client on a number of projects and the concrete flooring contractors expertise to both remove existing slabs and design and replace new cast insitu concrete floors is second to none.  Level Best were given a 12 week period to carry out the concrete flooring works, which involved the repair fo an existing ground beam, which was to form part of the new warehouse floor and hence the detail was vital to the overall success of the project. The works were actually completed over a 9 week period, which then allowed the tenant to move in earlier than expected, resulting in another happy client for Level Best Concrete Flooring. We have more information on this floor removal and replacement project in Kent, and should you wish to speak with one of our expert concrete floor surveyors, please contact us on 01405 819199 or e mail your details through to

The removal and replacement of an existing warehouse concrete floor slab by Level Best
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