Concrete floor removal service at Level Best

As part of their wide range of warehouse and external yard concrete renovation and refurbishment services, Level Best Concrete Flooring has a large number of concrete floor planing machines in order to reduce or remove those unwanted warehouse surfaces. Reducing the depths of existing concrete floor slabs can be beneficial for many reasons, due to damaged surfaces, uneven slabs and for the use of bonded overlay floors. Level Best has an extremely large and powerful Bobcat concrete planer as well as a range of smaller “walk behind” concrete planers for a more gentle use or smaller area. The large concrete planer was recently used to remove an existing floor screed approximately 40mm thick in a warehouse in Edmonton, North London, which was 33,000 square feet in size. For more details on how Level Best can assist you remove your unwanted industrial floor coverings and coatings, please feel free to contact one of our friendly estimating team members, or alternatively e mail

Concrete planning machine at Level Best Concrete Flooring
Removal of damaged warehouse surfaces by Level Best
Concrete planning and nationwide service from Level Best Concrete Flooring
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