Concrete floor joint repairs in live warehouse facilities

Alongside the large scale industrial and commercial dilapidation and refurbishment schemes, Level Best have a specialist joint repair team completing Level Best’s Heavy-Duty Joint Repair in live warehouse facilities direct for commercial building owners, industrial landlords and logistics tenants.

Level Best’s Heavy-Duty Joint Repair System is the ideal joint repair solutions for live warehouse facilities where avoiding operational downtime is of paramount importance for the tenant. The long-term performance and benefits of the system directly impacts the tenant’s MHE operations and overall stock outputs.

Another benefit of the Heavy-Duty Joint Repair System in live warehouse facilities is the reduction in damage caused to MHE forklifts. The substantial joint repairs provides a smooth, seamless transition ensuring the wheels and tyres of the forklifts are not damaged, saving costs for the tenant.

Please visit the above Contact Us page should you have a warehouse floor slab joint breakdown in a live warehouse facility. One of Level Best’s Floor Surveying Specialists will attend site to better understand the issues present and propose the ideal repair solutions, whilst also understanding the best time periods to complete the works to limit disruption.

Level Best completing heavy-duty joint repairs in live warehouses
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