Concrete floor dilapidation project in full swing in Watford, Hertfordshire

Industrial concrete floor dilapidation and refurbishment experts Level Best Concrete Flooring has made a good start on a concrete floor refurbishment and dilapidation project on behalf of a new client and contractor in Watford, Hertfordshire. Initial dilapidation scope of works has included the full depth removal of previous tenant installed racking bolts. Once the racking has been removed carefully by others as to not cause more damage to the floor slab, Level Best follow in behind full depth core drilling and removing the bolts.

During the dilapidation survey, Level Best made the London-based client aware of the critical nature of the racking removal as to not cause further damage and spalling to the slab. Cores and dust-suppressing construction slurry are removed into waste skips. The resulting voids are then primed and filled with a high-strength repair mortar. The non-shrink mortar is compatible with the subsequent dilapidation works including the enhancing clean, polish and seal system. Other concrete repairs such as 50mm deep localised patch repairs have also been completed on this industrial estate in Watford by the dilapidation experts.

Keep visiting the website for further updates on this dilapidation, refurbishment and enhancement industrial concrete flooring project in Watford, Hertfordshire. Level Best will simultaneously be carrying out removal and replacement concrete floor dilapidation works on contracts in Dagenham, London and Bedford, Northamptonshire.

To learn more about how Level Best’s dilapidation services can assist you in all situations no matter how large or complex, please contact the concrete flooring specialist on 01405 819199 or email .

racking bolt removal and concrete repairs being completed in Watford, Hertfordshire
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